Free knitting pattern for hot water bottle cover by Cowgirlblues

Some Like it Hot

The Cape Town weather has turned quite cool and wintery in the last few weeks.  Because our climate is so summery few of us have central heating.  And electric blankets aren't very environmentally friendly.  So bring on the Hot Water

Colour fade hand knit swatches in Cowgirlblues Merino Twist wool

A Fan of the Fade

Yarn fades have been around for a while, made popular by knitting patterns from designers like Andrea Mowry and Joji Locatelli. It's taken me some time to warm to them, but I'm glad I have. Take a look

Baktus hand knit scarf worn by Bridget henderson of cowgirlblues

Basic Baktus

Earlier in the year we decided to discontinue our Merino DK 50g balls and shift the Merino DK solid colours to 100g skeins. We still have some stock of balls and they're going on sale.  For inspiration I wanted to

Hand knit baby blanket in Cowgirlblues Merino wool in neutral colours

Beehive Baby Blanket

  With a niece on the way my thoughts have been turning to baby things.  A stroller blanket is a nice sized project - not too ambitious but enough to keep you busy.  And the Beehive Baby Blanket is a great

Giant granny square blanket, folded, crochet hook and ball of Cowgirlblues yarn

Crochet yourself a Giant Granny Square Blanket

About a week into lockdown I started thinking about a big project.  I wanted an heirloom, something that I would keep forever, that would always remind me of this time.  With a business to run and a lot to worry

Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe South Korea

Keep calm!

Coping with these turbulent times isn't easy. We've put together some ideas that might help. From a roundup of free knitting patterns available on our website to a list of things to watch and listen to, hopefully there

Two hand knit wool scarves in Cowgirlblues Merino DK yarn colours Chilli Pepper and Charcoal

Country Roads Scarf

Couldn't we all do with a little more time spent strolling around the countryside?  Especially in this crazy busy world.  I hope this knitting pattern will inspire you to wander down some country roads, both literally and figuratively!

Kidsilk Cobweb Shawl

We've had many requests for knitting patterns for our beautifully light and lacy Kidsilk Cobweb Shawls over the years.  The fabric is so popular that we've done it in a whole range of different shapes and sizes and they continue

Mohair sweater test knit in Cowgirlblues fluffy mohair yarn

Test Knitting is fun!

Up until very recently I had never test knit a pattern.  It's a big thing in the knitting (and crochet) world and you'll often see calls for test knitting on designer's social media feeds.  That all changed last December when