Welcome to the team

Julia Moore joined our team a few months ago to help out with marketing and design. A qualified journalist and long-time copy writer and PR consultant, Julia is focussing on promoting our yarns both locally and internationally. Having been an avid knitter and crocheter since her early teens, she has also been hard at work helping with pattern creating to show off our beautiful product.

Thanks to Julia we have started to give classes at our Woodstock studio, where we teach anyone from beginners to those more advanced looking to expand their repertoire and experiment with yarn and colour. And as a long-time inhabitant of the Cape, her networking skills are also proving very useful!

Julia is also not shy to knit in public!

Ignoring puzzled glances from a few fancy American tourists with their co-ordinated safari outfits and bazooka cameras, Julia calmly continued with her cowgirlblues knitting project on the banks of the great Zambezi River at Mana Pools, to the chorus of hippos, fish eagles and the occasional splash from elephants and crocodiles!