Learn something new at a knitting workshop!

I spent a week in Joburg recently and taught five Joys of Spring Shawl workshops in four days.  It was somewhat insane but also a wonderful process to see how different people learn and how each one responded to the

Shawl-knitting Workshops

Shawl-knitting is new for some knitters, particularly here in South Africa.  We're a teensy bit behind the international curve.  But catching up is quick and easy.  Join me for a shawl-knitting workshop to expand your skills.  Our Joys of Spring

Tapestry Crochet Workshop at Cowgirlblues

If you are looking to learn a new crochet skill then I highly recommend joining us for one of two tapestry crochet workshops with Cathy Wagner, well known tapestry crochet teacher based in Joburg who will be down in the

StevenBe workshop

Workshops with StevenBe, right here in Cape Town

Need some inspiration?  Wondering what to knit next?  Looking for company and a workshop or two to get you going? Well thanks to the amazing team at Mohair South Africa we are going to be enjoying the company of knitwear designer,

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Studio session 1

Cake, coffee, colour, craft and cowgirlblues… what’s not to like?!?! We held our first Open Day at the cowgirlblues studio last Saturday. Twenty keen knitters joined us at the studio for a quick tour of the spinning, dyeing and winding process