Starting a Sweater

Starting a new knitting project doesn't have to be intimidating. I get a little nervous when it's a big project, like starting a sweater. Maybe I'm a commitment-phobe! Several previous projects haven't fit and I don't want

A collection of objects each with some element of pink

Think pink!

What colour is pink? And what does it represent?

Paint colour chips in many different colours

Colour confidence

Are you comfortable with colour? Would you like to grow your confidence? Watch these videos and read more.

Knitting sweaters

I'm scared of knitting sweaters. But with three steps to get started it can be a lot less stressful than you think.

Forestland sweater by Jennifer Steingass in Cowgirlblues Merino DK

Plenty of Projects

Plenty of knitting project ideas to explore the Cowgirlblues yarn range, you'll be busy for a while!

What weight is this yarn?

Do you ever have difficulty choosing the right yarn for your project? And wish you understood all the different yarn weights?