Still life with wool

We do a lot of swatching in the studio. This sounds like work, and I suppose it is, but it also feels quite a lot like play. It’s a particularly important process when it comes to mixing colours. The colours I think will work, because they look happy when they are sitting next to each other in little balls, don’t always play nice when they are knitted up. And sometimes no matter how hard I try things just don’t feel right. This is when swatching definitely feels like work as I unravel something for the 10th time into a pile of scrappy little balls.

This particularly combination is the beginning of a kit we are working on, so watch this space.

And the still life shows some of the tools we use regularly … the masking tape looks a little out of place, but it comes in very hand when taking pictures. It’s often easier to make the swatch lie flat for a picture by sticking it down with masking tape rather than getting out the steam iron!

(Colours from bottom, all in cowgirlblues Merino DK: Marsala, Sable, Charcoal, Rust, Silver Fox, Coffee Bean, Caramel)