On the 10th day of Christmas…

On the 10th day of Christmas it’s still scorchingly hot in Cape Town, and whilst planning an ocean dip on my way home from work I’m also having happy cold thoughts, of wintery days, snow, ice, and beanies!

Herewith our easy Basic Beanie recipe
100g ball of cowgirlblues Merino DK self-stripe (enough for one large adult size or ~2x small children)
4mm circular needle (short cable) or double pointed needles
stitch marker
Gauge: 17st and 30 rows gives 10x10cm
Finished product: ~21cm wide and 20cm long uses ~55g yarn

Cast on 72 stitches (more for a larger head, in a multiple of 80, I use 88 for an adult)
Join stitches into the round, taking care not to twist them
Knit until work measures ~14cm (longer for an adult)
Place your stitch marker and begin decreasing as follows:
Round 1: (K7, K2tog), repeat to end of round (eight times, 64 stitches remaining)
Round 2 and every other round: Knit
R3: (K6,K2tog), repeat to end of round (56 st)
R5: (K5,K2tog), repeat to end of round (48st)
R7: (K4,K2tog), repeat to end of round (40st)
R9: (K3,K2tog), repeat to end of round (32st)
R11: (K2,K2tog), repeat to end of round (24st)
R12: (K1,K2tog), repeat to end of round (16st)
R13: Knit

To finish:
Cut yarn and thread the end through remaining 16 stitches
Pull tight to close
Thread end away and secure tightly

It’s very easy to make variations on the theme:
Slouchy: knit longer before starting the decreases
Rounder top: stop decreasing when you have 40 or 32stitches
Pointy TopKnot: Keep decreasing until 8 stitches remain, continue to knit a “tail” until it’s long enough to tie a knot then finish