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Wholesome Handspun Snood

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We recently made up a custom order snood in handspun. It needed to be a quick and easy knit, and the customer wanted it quite plain. It turned out beautifully, and with the weather quite chilly here in Cape Town it seemed a good time to publish the pattern. It’s a lovely one for a beginner, and anyone who doesn’t like knitting in the round, because it’s joined at the end. 

cowgirlblues-wool-handspun-snood (4 of 4)Sizing:
One size, ~40cm wide and ~170cm round 

4 x 100g cowgirlblues Merino Handspun, we used Silver Fox
6mm needles 

Not sure, I forgot to check before we sent it off, oops!

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Cast on 50 stitches
Slip the first stitch of EVERY row knitwise (this forms a nice, neat selvedge)
Knit the first and last 5 stitches of EVERY row (this edges your knitting and stops it curling too much)
For the rest knit in stocking stitch, one row plain and one row purl.
Knit to ~170cm long, or until your wool is almost finished.
Cast off, lay it flat, and join the two ends to form a loop.
Finish away your ends and you’re done.

Have fun and keep warm!

cowgirlblues-wool-handspun-snood (1 of 4)