Where was I in April?

Via the strangest of dinner party conversation coincidences I recently reconnected with long-since-lost-touch family friends in the form of my godmother and her husband. With the internet encouraging us to make so much of our lives public they had a catch up on mine via my blog, and Brian asked where I was last month… here’s part of the answer.

I did a roadtrip, with my dad, through the south-western Namibia. What a ride! We drove north from Cape Town, across the border and into the area around the Orange River. From there we headed up past Ai-Ais and the Fish River Canyon, did a detour via Keetmanshoop, stopped off to see the dunes at Sossusvlei and headed north to Windhoek. Technically I was gate-crashing, so we collected my dad’s official travelling companions in Windhoek, spent a few days in the Swakopmund area and I flew back from there while they adventured further north and east to complete their trip.

It was a nostalgic trip – we’d done a three family roadtrip adventure through Namibia when I was 16. And a peaceful one with so much open space and almost no people, it was quite eerily uncanny at times. And boy was it wet – many parts of the country have had more rain this year than ever before in recorded history. It showed! There were areas we drove through that looked more like the rolling green hills of KwaZulu Natal than the arid Namibian countryside.

It’s worth a visit. Leave your high heels and your lipstick at home, pack a camera and a sense of adventure and go!

More pictures on my flickr photostream:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/cowgirlblues/