Valentina does Vogue

Vogue Knitting magazine has just run a Magic of Mohair competition and I’m excited to show off my design!

I was all a little last minute – I heard about it last Thursday and closing date for entries was today. And while it would be awesome to win a competition, it wasn’t my most motivating prize on the planet being a trip from the US to South Africa and a 7 day tour of the mohair meander in the PE area. But undeterred I got knitting anyway. Actually it involved some spinning too, as I chose to spin up some merino wool which I plied (or could it be plyed?) with Cape Mohair for the body of the garment.

It was quite fun to create something completely new – often my designs are inspired by something I’ve seen elsewhere, or grow from the base of an existing pattern as they develop into a new idea. But this was a completely fresh start, and it was fascinating to allow myself to be lead by the fibre. My initial idea was to play with cables, which I’ll get to another time, but I got side tracked when I dropped a few stitches as I started knitting a swatch with my first wool sample. The falling stitches inspired me to let them unravel a little further, and after knitting the body I added the crocheted mohair ruffle edging and voilà Valentina.