Tea for two (aka knit a Floppy Flower tea cosy)

Winter is creeping up on us here in Cape Town, temperatures are plummeting (relatively!) and our studio is getting a bit chilly. I love my (rooibos) tea hot, but the icy wind shooting through the studio to get the wool dry is putting paid to that notion.

So I thought I would knit our little studio teapot a cosy to keep the Arctic out.

Tea Cosy
50g cowgirlblues DK self-stripe
4mm knitting needles and crochet hook

Abbreviations: SSK – slip the next 2 stitches knitwise, one at a time. Insert the left needle into the fronts of these two stitches and knit them together. One stitch is decreased. This decrease slants to the left.

The width and length of your tea cosy really depends on the shape and size of your teapot. The cosy is knitted in multiples of 4 plus 1, i.e. 52 +1; 44 + 1 etc.

Cast on 53 stitches with 4mm needles.
K1 *K2, P2, repeat from* to last stitch, K1
Repeat this row until work measures 20cm or desired length.
Begin shaping as follows:-
K2, (P3tog, K1)12 times, P2, K1 (29 sts.)
K2, P2, (K1,P1) 12 times, K1
K1, (SSK) 12 times, K2tog (16 sts.)
K1, P to last stitch, K1
K2tog 8 times across row (8 sts.)
Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches pulling tightly.

Work another piece exactly the same.

Making it up:
Pin the two pieces together and sew up, making sure to leave a bigger gap for the handle and a smaller one for the spout on the other side. Finish off with a floppy flower for the top in matching colours. I used blueberry and silver fox in cowgirlblues DK.

Floppy Flower
(This came from a similar tea cosy pattern in Ideas Magazine)

1st round: 5ch, sl st in 5th chain from hook, 2 ch, *1dc, 1 ch in ring*; rep from * to * 7 times, 1ch, sl st in 2nd ch at beg of round.
2nd round: *1dc, 1ch, 1tr, 1 ch, 1dc in each chain space of previous round*. Repeat from * to * 8 times, sl st in 1 st dc of round. Fasten off.
3rd round: Join new colour. This round is worked around stems of 1dc of 1st round and at the back of the leaves, but with the RS in front. Make a loop around hook and work 1 sl st around stem of dc of 1st round, 3ch, *work tr around 2nd dc of 1st round, 2ch*; rep from * to * 7 times, sl st in top ch at beg of round.
4th round: *1dc, 1ch, 2tr, 1dc in each of 2ch space of previous round *; Repeat from * to * 8 times, sl st in top ch at beginning. Fasten off.
5th round: Join in new colour. Work as 3rd round, but with 3ch between each tr.
6th round: As 4th round, but with 3tr in each 3ch sp, sl st in 2nd ch at beginning of round.

Fasten off.

7th round: Join in new colour. Work as 5th round but with 4 ch between each tr.
8th round: As 6th round, but with 4 tr in each ch sp. Fasten off.

Have fun!