Super simple (spring!) crochet cowl


Super Simple Crochet Cowl

A super simple crochet cowl pattern that’s quick to make, takes only one skein of cowgirlblues Merino Lace yarn and works up beautifully in any variegated colourway.

Sizing: One size, ~60cm wide and ~40cm long

100g cowgirlblues Merino Lace Single Variegated Skein
(we used the Lipstick-Faded Rose-Violet-Dusty Rose combination)
1 x 6mm crochet hook 

12 stitches (I counted the trebles which was easier) and ~8 repeats of rounds 1 and 2 = 10x10cm 

Chain 150 (be careful to keep this loose as it determines the maximum stretch of your cowl, and we like it relaxed and easy to loop.
Join with a slip stitch to make a circle, taking care not to twist your chain. You may want to place a stitch marker to easily see where each round ends.

Round 1: Chain 2, 1 single crochet (US) in each chain of your base round, join with a slip stitch at end of round
Round 2: Chain 3, 1 double crochet (US) in each single crochet of the previous round, join with a slip stitch at end of round.
Repeat rounds one and two until you run out of wool. 

If you’re on a single crochet round finish with a slip stitch to join your current round to the previous one, cut your yarn and pull the end through the last loop on the hook.
If you’re on a double round then you don’t want to stop abruptly with a bump.  I reduce slowly with a a single crochet, then a slip stitch to join the current round to the previous one before pulling the yarn through.
Sew away your threads and you’re done!