Starting over…

Starting a business is hard. Short sentence, huge understatement.

It’s not the actual work that’s difficult, although some aspects of it really stretch the limits of my knowledge, skill and experience and challenge me to learn and grow.

What I have found hardest is the constant ups and downs. For the last 9 months I’ve been living on a hope and a dream, a few prayers (just in case there’s anyone out there listening) and the faintest whiff of cash flow. Small events have taken on huge significance in the life of my business, because each one could be the “lucky break” that success depends on. And the cumulative effect of too many “negative” results is what will ultimately doom my business to the garbage heap of failed attempts.

It’s not an easy place from which to operate. There are so many “critical turning points” or so it seems to me anyway. And it’s incredibly difficult to hold the awareness of all of that and to remain positive, inspired, enthusiastic and determined to succeed, whatever success may look like. I’ll keep trying.

Welcome to the world of starting up!

PS: For future reference they should be called “start overs” not “start ups” – over and over and over and over again is a much more accurate reflection of the process.