Speedy Pompom Skinny Scarf

Since we started dyeing up our 2018 new colours I’ve been looking for interesting ways to work up the yarns to show what they can do, and it’s not always easy to keep coming up with new ideas.  So on a weekend away a friend suggested this very tricksy and EASY wrap stitch for a speedy knit and I love the results, especially when paired with the giant pompoms on the ends.  It’s a quick and easy knit, perfect for beginners and up.  The yarn does the colour work for you, and I always enjoy making pompoms.  It reminds me of my granny who used to knit us winter hats and get my brothers and me to  make the pompoms.  As a child there was an element of magic to drawing cardboard circles, wrapping wool around them, and cutting them open to reveal a soft and squishy pompom.  What’s not to love about that?

Level: Beginner

Length ~ 260cm excluding the pompoms
Width ~ 13cm when lying flat

2 x 100g cowgirlblues Aran Skein in Tambourine Man
1 x 100g cowgirlblues Aran ball in Hot Pink
10mm knitting needles
Cardboard for your pompom, unless you have a giant pompom maker

10x10cm = 12 stitches and 16 rows in pattern

Cast on 15 stitches making sure to keep the stitches quite loose
To keep the edges tidy knit the last stitch through the back of the loop on every row.
Row 1: Knit every stitch wrapping the yarn twice round the needle was you do – you’ll end up with a weird looking row that has the stitch and an extra loop, knit the last stitch through the back of the loop
Row 2: Knit the first part of every stitch, allowing the extra loop to drop off the left-hand needle as you do so.  It makes for a longer stitch row, finish by knitting the last stitch through the back of the loop. Repeat this on every row until your yarn is almost finished then cast off loosely

To make the pompoms:
Print a copy of this downloadable pompom template – I wanted big pompoms so they were 13cm in diameter
You’ll need to cut out the paper outline and trace it onto cardboard and cut two pieces that you place back-to-back.
Using 50g of Hot Pink Aran per pompom wrap it evenly around the circle and keep going until you’ve finished the 50g or you can’t get anything more through the centre hole.

Once the yarn is finished the and pompom is “full” insert your scissors into the outside edge between the two pieces of cardboard and cut all the way around
Use a piece of yarn to tie around the pompom before you remove the cardboard.  Make the thread long enough that you’ll have ties to stitch the pompoms to the scarf.
Remove the cardboard and trim the pompom so it’s nice and round, taking care not to cut off your ties
Make a second pompom
To attach the pompoms, take one end of the scarf and attach one tie to each corner, pulling the stitches very tight, so that the scarf end gathers in towards the pompom
Do the same at the other end
You’re finished and ready to go!

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