Sometimes it’s pure joy

One of the things I love about this business is the adventure. Something interesting and exciting seems to happen every single day, and usually it’s unpredictable. Sometimes the adventure is in the fascinating people I get to talk to, like the philosopher/assistant supervisor at one of Cape Town’s steel scrapyards or the shoemaker/repairer on the northern suburbs high street.

On other days it’s the unexpected places I go like the recycling section at the local rubbish dump, the steel scrapyard, the mobile phone company regional office, the CCDI basement stock room to deliver product for a consumer show, even the post office can be quite an adventure. On other days the adventure is in the street surprises like the flower seller outside a suburban guest house that I almost bumped into as I left a meeting recently. His arms were so full with this enormous bunch of proteas that I couldn’t even see his face, but his flowers were an expression of pure joy that comes back to me every time I see the picture.