Sewing school session 3

Noa and India came over for another afternoon of crafty activities. And they brought friends! So our group doubled in size, and I had the joyful experience of entertaining (and being entertained by) FOUR little girls this time. It seems knitting is really in as Noa decided it was time she learned also. The “teddy bear” collection of the older two might have swung it for her. I was so impressed with how they just got on with making arms and legs and sewing things up and making their family of creatures come to life.

The growing collection of shapes and textures throughout the afternoon was beautiful to watch, as were the girls. I’m always entertained and inspired by how naturally, comfortably, and quickly! the girls switch roles – from student to teacher to playmate, flowing from one to the next as the environment changes, moment to moment. Oh to be more like them!