Sewing school session 2

Noa and India came for their second “sewing” session on Friday. It’s quite challenging planning a lesson when I can’t remember what I was capable at their ages, but thanks to the internet and one of my favourite websites it was easier than I thought.

I’m sure Purl Soho would be my favourite shop if I lived in New York, but for now it’s a long distance love affair. I was inspired by a blog post last week with Christmas gift ideas, and I joined the dots to a beginner sewing idea I’d seen somewhere and voilà… Noa mastered threading the needle and some simple stitches with the help of the hessian’s weave that provided ready made holes, and I the session was another success. We haven’t finished making up an actual bag, but maybe that will happen next time. India was very happy to continue with her knitting and made great progress in addition to attempting a bit of basic crochet chain stitch.