Quick and easy winter knit

The rain has been coming down in buckets in Cape Town this week, so it’s definitely time to get the winter woollies out. If you don’t have any then dust off your knitting needles (or bribe your favourite knitter in her (or his) preferred currency) and inspire them with a beautiful ball of cowgirlblues handspun merino wool and our quick and easy pattern for a flagpole patterned neck warmer.

You will need:
100g cowgirlblues Merino Handspun (or similar DK yarn)
4.5mm circular knitting needle
a couple of hours knitting time


  • Using 1ball of cowgirlblues Handspun, cast on 90 stitches using a 4.5mm circular needle
  • Knit 7 rounds of K1P1 rib
  • Follow the pattern worked over 10 stitches: start with Part 1, then Part 2, repeat Parts 1 and 2, repeat Part 1 again (You’ll have 5 rows of “flags”)
  • Knit another 7 rounds of K1P1 rib
  • Cast off loosely and finish away the ends

Part 1

  • Row 1: K9, P1
  • Row 2: K8, P2
  • Row 3: K7, P3
  • Row 4: K6, P4
  • Row 5: K5, P5
  • Row 6: K6, P4
  • Row 7: K7, P3
  • Row 8: K8, P2
  • Row 9: K9, P1

Part 2

  • Row 1: P1, K9
  • Row 2: P2, K8
  • Row 3: P3, K7
  • Row 4: P4, K6
  • Row 5: P5, K5
  • Row 6: P4, K6
  • Row 7: P3, K7
  • Row 8: P2, K8
  • Row 9: P1, K9

Other details:
Finished size approximately 27cm wide and 22cm long
Gauge approximately 16st and 28 rows to 10x10cm

Happy knitting!