Quick and easy Kidsilk Scarf

The cowgirlblues Kidsilk yarn is one of our best sellers. Customers love the delicate look and feather-light feel. And the colour range is extremely tempting. Knowing what to knit with it is not always that easy. Since it’s a luxury yarn people are often loathe to experiment, thinking it should be saved for some magical project that never quite seems to materialise.

We believe everyone should feel confident and comfortable working with great yarn, no matter their skill level. So this project is for people who want something that is easy knitting (great for beginners, or more experienced knitters who want a quick and relaxing knit), will look good, and not take a huge amount of time.

You will need:
A single ball of 25g cowgirlblues Kidsilk in your favourite colour (we chose Guinea Fowl)
Pair of 4.5mm (or thereabouts) knitting needles
A few hours of knitting time, depending on your skill level
Finished product ~25cm wide x 110cm long… it’s quite stretchy in this loose gauge so dimensions are approximate

Loosely cast on 50 stitches using 4.5mm needles
(If you’re using bigger needles cast on fewer stitches or your scarf will be wide but not long enough)
Knit up the ball in garter stitch (what we like to call ‘plain’)
Cast off loosely
And voilà… you have a scarf!

It may not last long though. If your friends and family are like mine you’ll have been persuaded to part with it in no time. This is a great compliment. So hand it over and keep knitting!