Playdates for kids of all ages

Last week I facilitated a workshop at the Freeworld Design Centre as part of the Fringe On Kloof’s Kidult sessions. The participants were all grownups, on the outside anyway, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun playing with fibre.

It was a very loose session – with a general theme of patterns. I had a collection of pattern images for people to use as a point of departure, loosely inspired by our natural environment, and a pile of playthings and tools.

The results were fascinating. I was astounded by the diversity in each person’s approach, by how quickly and comfortably people gravitated towards something that intrigued or inspired them, and the beautiful results – some complete, some work-in-progress. It was also lovely to watch grown-ups playing so nicely together!

The next workshop will be on April 17th from 3-5pm at the Fringe’s new Blue Route space. You can contact me or for more information and to book a spot.