Open Studio Saturdays are about making friends and having fun

Open Studio Saturdays have become all about meeting new people and connecting.  Partly that’s because making friends isn’t as easy as it used to be, now that I’m a responsible adult with a start-up business.  I don’t have children so I don’t get chatting to other parents on the side of the sports field, at school events, or playdates.  When I worked in the corporate world in big companies there were always opportunities to meet people and make friends at work, and I have some very good friends from those “good old days”.  But when starting a small business it wasn’t so easy.

Vina’s almost-finished crochet jacket

Over time that has changed as I’ve got to know fellow small business owners, and others in the craft and design sector.  We even have a “business ladies” supper club that meets a few times a year.  But I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get to know people and make friends when you spend time making together, especially with knitters and crocheters.  I do ceramics on a Monday night, and somehow it’s not nearly as sociable, in my experience anyway.  Knitting seems to be something you can do while you chat.  And it seems to offer a doorway into small revelations of the self that other activities don’t necessarily facilitate. Crocheting too!

So with this in mind, and knowing that not everyone can get to our studio on a weekday, I decided a few months ago that we should have an open studio on the first Saturday of every month.  My intention was to create a space where anyone could come and spend a few hours relaxing, with or without their knitting, crochet, weaving, etc. and have the opportunity to bring their friends or come along and make some new ones.

Heather’s weaving

My mother and her knitting group are my open studio “rent a crowd” so I know at least someone will be there.  And I’m hoping it will grow into a regular fixture on many people’s calendars to come and visit for a few hours, do a bit of informal show and tell, share experience, and have a cup of tea or coffee and delicious cake.  (My mum has taken over the Cowgirlblues baking duties* and she’s a very fine cook! )  It’s a great way to meet new people, be inspired by their work-in-progress, bask in the glow of praise for your latest finished project, get encouragement and help if you’re struggling with something, browse our books and magazines, or just hang out and relax.

Hope to see you at one of our open Saturdays soon!

It’s always 10am – 1pm and the upcoming dates are as follows:
3 November
1 December
2 February
2 March

If you need directions go to Google maps or click here.

* We have a tradition at work that when it’s your birthday you get a cake and you can choose the flavour.  Vanilla seems to be extremely popular, although I’m a chocolate cake girl myself.  And it’s a small treat once a year that is hugely appreciated by me and my team.