One day, your soul will call to you with a holy rage

The relatively “tame” garden of Kirstenbosch is playing host to “Untamed” a phenomenal collaborative installation of architecture, sculpture, poetry and prose which I discovered on a recent visit.

“Wildness has been confused with savagery. Wildness is ‘hard wired’. It is part of our essential survival and emotion-charged expressions of territory, curiosity, nurturance, lust, rage, fear and play. To distance ourselves from, and worse, to deny our wild ancestry is to witness its return in all manner of savage outbursts.”
— Ian McCallum

It reminded me that when the call comes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re listening or not.  The call is so loud and the rage so fierce it is impossible to ignore, although goodness knows, many of us try! Probably because truly hearing and responding to the call seems so challenging and so complex in our contained, constrained, ordered, “civilised” world.

Acknowledging that we feel anything is difficult enough, and then there’s the infinitely bigger question of how to respond to those feelings, because respond we must. To deny or ignore or continue to suppress is only to walk deeper down the path of depression or oblivion to a more mind-numbed state, probably supported by a mind-numbing substance, over-the-counter (pharmacy or bar counter) or otherwise.

Moving into and through it so often feels impossibly hard and terrifying, but somehow we all must find a way to explore and reconnect with our wilder nature. Mustn’t we?