On the fourth day of Christmas…

Well, on the 4th day of Christmas I didn’t actually do very much, other than write up the blog post and take one or two pictures. Julia and her daughter Annabel did all the work … mostly Annabel, with Julia incentivising!

Today’s project is a “paper mache” yarn bowl, which could of course be used for all sorts of other things too. It’s a lovely upcycling activity if you have old magazines lying around, and it’s quite environmentally friendly since the glue is a flour and water paste.

Have a look at Annabel’s step-by-step instructions to make your own … or get your children to make some for you.

To make these extremely handy bowls you will need:
Torn magazine paper, glue made from flour and water, cling-wrap, oil, and a bowl.
(Don’t make your glue too runny or it won’t stick the paper pieces together)

Step 1: Use the olive oil (or sunflower, etc.) to oil the bowl, then line it with the cling-wrap

Step 2: Tear the paper into small-ish pieces

Step 3: Wet the torn paper with glue, and stick it down on top of the cling-wrap. After you have done a few layers, smoothe it off with your fingers to remove any excess glue, which doesn’t look very nice when it’s dry. Then keep layering until you have a “whole bowl” shape.

Step 4:  Leave it to dry, and remove from the mould when it is still just pliable. Take off the cling wrap and let it dry overnight.

You’ll be left with a beautiful bowl which you can fill with those lonely pieces of wool, which would otherwise live in your couch! (Can you tell Annabel’s mother is a knitter?)

Thank you Annabel!