Labour of love

We had our annual studio sale this past weekend.Β  In speaking to manyΒ  knitters and crocheters I was struck by how much of this craft is a true labour of love for all of you. Most of the time anyway πŸ™‚Β  Sometimes it’s how you show your love to family, friends and the people who receive your beautiful handwork.Β  Often it’s a labour of love for yourself.Β  Taking the time to breathe, think, reflect, dream and connect with yourself is so important, and increasingly difficult to do in our instant online world.Β  And how can this experience or a memory of it not be worked into the item you are making?

Just over five years ago my grandmother turned 90.Β  For her birthday I made her a crocheted knee rug using our Merino Twist yarn.Β  She lived in Durban and yet somehow she sat in her chair with my rug on her knees almost every day.Β  I hope she could feel my love for her in every square of that little blanket.Β  She died a few weeks ago and her passing leaves a big space in my life.Β  But her memory lives on in so many ways.Β  Not least of these is in my love for crafting.Β  So I’ll be thinking of her as I knit and crochet all the many projects I have left to make in my life.My grandmother with her crochet knee rug