Label-making meditation

Lots of aspects of this business are done by hand, not just the making of the actual product. I print my own product labels (both the swing tags and the sewn-in ones), which means that occasionally I have to sit down at the sewing machine and stitch up a stockpile of them.

That was one of the things on yesterday’s “to do” list. It’s a therapeutically meditative activity on the days when I’m able to fully give myself over to the repetitive process of folding, stitching, trimming threads, turning, folding, stitching, trimming and tossing into the finished pile. And it also reminds me that one of the reasons I “make stuff” so compulsively is that it’s also the best way for me to calm my mind down sufficiently to be able to think clearly.  So in amongst the meditation and the labels I had some genius ideas for how to solve some of the problems I’ve been wrestling with… and can now move freely on to deal with today’s to do list!