Just say “yes”

If you haven’t seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carey I’d highly recommend checking it out. Someone told me about it on New Year’s Eve and it sounded like a good idea to make life more interesting and open myself to new adventures so Friday was a “yes” day…  I basically said yes to anything anyone asked me or suggested… for the whole day – and yes, I mean anything!

In many ways the whole day was somewhat innocuous, I don’t know if I was hoping (or fearing) a lot more sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, but it was a fun experiment and I’ve decided to have a “yes” year, more Jim Carey by the end of the movie than at the beginning, so with a little bit of “no” when it feels really appropriate (coffee, milk and sugar in my tea, tequila, that kind of thing), but when in doubt I shall be saying “yes”

So the day started pretty sedately:

  • yes to my alarm clock at 6am so instead of hitting snooze I got straight up and took Meera (my dog) for a walk
  • yes to the bergie (homeless person) who knocked on my door asking for food and who got peanut butter sandwiches
  • yes to lunch with my friend Fi
  • yes to a blind date coffee on Saturday with a friend of a friend’s


And in fact the rest of the day didn’t push me too far out of my comfort zone either, almost disappointingly:

  • yes to another dvd at the shop when I went in looking for “yes man”, and I ended up taking “everthing is illuminated” as well, with Elijah Woods, very beautiful, quirky and poignant, recommended
  • yes to doing a yoga photo shoot on the weekend for my yoga teacher friends
  • yes to a swim at Sandy’s house
  • yes to cake, cooldrink and more cake for tea
  • yes to staying for supper and watching dvds so I got them to watch yes man with me
  • yes to swimming with Sandy’s kids (it was so flipping hot I’d never have said no!)
  • yes to bathing her 3 year old daughter Lyra
  • yes to crocheting Lyra’s dolly “Pink Baby” a pink blankie


So far so good, and not all that radical. But there was one thing I’ve left out, and this was the big one:

I would definitely never have anticipated a call from the vet, but I got one… Mrs Erikson had to move out of her old age home into another place that didn’t allow pets. She moved in early December and her cats have been in a cage at the vet for the last month. Not any more! When Liesl asked me if my flippant conversation of a month ago (about adopting their resident fat cat Guinness should he ever need a home) was a serious interest in adopting a cat, what could I say but “yes”… to all THREE of them!

So Tigger, Princess and Timothy have been exploring the confines of my office and I’m doing my best to get them stoned on catnip to help them settle in. They’ve been trying to climb up the chimney, hide in the cupboards and scale the burglar bars (I totally see where the term cat burglar comes from but couldn’t get the photo), although two of them have their noses glued to the window glass at the moment, but I’m not letting them out quite yet. Meera (resident husky and formerly only child) got COMPLETELY over excited when I first brought them in the gate and there was a fair bit of hissing from them and barking from her. I’m not at all sure how it’s going to work. But cross your fingers that in a few weeks time I’ll be blogging/facebooking nauseatingly “cute” pictures of cats and dogs curled up on top of each other or something equally amicable!

So all in all an interesting day, that really challenged my response to life, and probably appropriately (and obviously) this wasn’t at all in the ways I expected!

So “yes” I’m going to have an interesting and exciting year, “yes” I’m going to do a whole lot of new things that I would never have considered doing last year, and “yes” I’m going to be saying a whole lot more “yes”.

Give it a try, you might find it changes your life too!