Hoffman Wentzel says…

…many things. “Be natural” was one of the ones that caught my eye in a recent exhibition of some of his work on the “An Exhibition called Story” at Haas.

I’m not entirely sure about the rules of photographing someone’s artwork and turning it into my own creative piece, but I’m going with the forgiveness rather than permission approach. Hoffman is a nice man, we chatted, fingers crossed he won’t mind.

It’s weird the whole artist and their work thing – I’m always curious about the artist’s experience in making the work, and his/her intention with any particular piece. What is it he or she is trying to say.

But then again, is art really about what the artist is trying to say? Is it about what the gallery owner or critic is trying to say? Or what the art buying public are trying to say in buying the pieces they do.

In this particular instance I have to confess that “be natural” is almost certainly the view I chose to show because it’s what I want to say!