Cowgirlblues double moss stitch colour block scarf

Double Moss Stitch Colour Blocked Scarf Pattern

Want this pattern? Scroll to the bottom to download this double moss stitch colour blocked scarf pattern for free!

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a pretty crazy year, and creating knitting patterns hasn’t been high on my agenda.  In fact, as you can see from the blog posts on the site – patterns pretty much haven’t featured at all.  Which is a shame, as coming up with a new pattern is fun, challenging, and a great way to connect with our customers.  So it’s BIG on my list of new year’s resolutions, and there’s no better way to make sure it happens than to actually start before the old year ends.
So here we go, with this free knitting pattern for our Double Moss Stitch Colour Blocked Scarf.

Cowgirlblues double moss stitch colour block scarf

Clearly I’m thinking more of our international fans since I’ve knitted a scarf in the heaviest weight yarn we sell, and it’s totally unsuited to summer in Cape Town which is where I am this weekend.  But hey, it’ll get cold eventually, I’ll travel somewhere snowy next year, and we have plenty of customers in places where it’s pretty chilly right now.

One size, ~220cm long and ~16cm wide

3 x 100g Cowgirlblues Aran Weight, we used Tanzanite, Airforce and Iced Berry
4.5mm needle

Cowgirlblues double moss stitch knit
10x10cm = 16 stitches and 24 rows 

Cast on 26 stitches
Slip the first stitch of every row knitwise to make a neat edge.
Row 1: Sl1, K1, (P1, K1) repeat () to end of the row
Row 2: Sl1, P1, (K1, P1) repeat () to end of the row
Row 3: Repeat row 2


Cowgirlblues double moss stitch knit pattern


Continue working in repeats of 2 x Row 1 followed by 2 x Row 2.
Finish your first colour then join in the second.
Continue until the second colour is finished and join in the third.
When you’re close to the end of the third ball end with only one Row of whichever repeat you’re on then cast off.
Finish away ends, wash, block, repeat!

If blues aren’t your colour we’ve swatched up several other combinations, from left to right:
Charcoal, Silver Fox, Natural
Dusty Rose, Lipstick, Ruby Grapefruit
Coffee Bean, Cocoa, Sable
Olive, Heather, Sable


Cowgirlblues double moss stitch colour blocking
And if you live in a colder climate than we do you can easily convert this into a seriously thick scarf by doubling up on the yarn and the cast, perfect if you live in St Petersburg, but not all that practical for Cape Town.

Happy knitting!

K = knit stitch
P = purl stitch

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