Brand business

Reading Georgina Langford’s article on the effects of technology on Fashion Week took me back a few years to my one and only designer fashion show experience, Louis Vuitton in Paris 2002. I was working for the LVMH holding company in Paris at the time, and, dare I admit it, but it was long before I had any real interest in, or experience of, the art and design world. I saw life through the eyes of a business strategy consultant so everything tended to be about numbers, performance and the bottom line – oh how my world has changed!! Although paradoxically I’m probably far more focussed on the bottom line now, but from a very different perspective.

I certainly pay a lot more attention to shoes and handbags than I did then. By virtue of my position I did have twice yearly access to extremely well priced champagne (the Moet part of the group) and various designer products and have carefully looked after my fabulous red Louis Vuitton shoes that would have made my paternal grandmother proud of me!

I’m also curious to see how technology and other trends will continue to shape the world of fashion, luxury and the super brands, and whether it will open the international door to innovative, tech-savvy, small niche labels that otherwise would be unable to compete with the costs of creating a high-end, global brand.