Bags, bags, bags

At long last our beautiful wool handbags are now available in the showroom (R1295, we take credit cards!) and will very shortly be on sale in the soon-to-launch online shop. Each bag is individually made from a mohair wool blend or a combination of mohair and handspun wool. They come in a variety of colours, have soft vegetable-tanned leather handles (it’s about as natural as you get with leather, and the most environmentally friendly option) and African shwe-shwe print 100% cotton fabric linings. Fingers crossed they’re going to be sell like hotcakes!

It’s been an ongoing process trying to figure out how to work with colour – do we have a standard colour palette that changes seasonally perhaps, or can I continue to dye in a more creative way, experimenting with different colours depending on what inspires me on a particular day. There isn’t an answer yet, so I’m experimenting a little with both approaches – figuring out what would be in the colour palette if there is one as well as being a bit creative and playful with colour. I suspect it will be a matter of seeing what sells and going from there.