Baby Shoes

I’m spending a lot of time at my computer at the moment, and not nearly enough with wool, knitting needles or crochet hook in my hands. It’s one of the challenges of trying to turn your hobby or passion into your business – in the beginning (and only the beginning I hope!) you spend a lot more time on the business aspects of it than you do on the hobby/passion part.

I’m really fortunate to have a fairly solid business background (although I’m realising daily that I have more corporate than commercial knowledge, and they’re not always the same thing!) and to be interested and excited by all of that too, even if it gets a little overwhelming some days.

That stuff doesn’t make for cool and interesting pictures though, which is another aspect of all this that I really love. So I was very excited to get this shot of my little friend Chloe the other day. She didn’t spend much time chatting to me, most of it was catching up on the sleep she didn’t get the night before, but she let me snap a picture of her fabulous baby shoes… hand knitted, by me, obviously!