That’s cowgirl for hooray, thank you, relief, breathe, and a whole bunch of other things. Thanks to Mike Yolland I now have  my very own blog on my very own website. The site itself is a work-in-progress, but isn’t that life.  I read somewhere the other day that we are living a mystery, not solving one, think the author had me in mind when that was penned. Starting a business (maybe it’s any business, maybe just a small one, maybe it’s just me?) has been such a roller coaster ride so far with constant ups and downs and wild swings from one to the next without any warning:

First dyeing lesson – up

Start spinning the results – up

Ply the first lot of handspun and realise I’m not that great at plying and not mad about the result – down

Work late to finish knitting a lace pattern shawl for a meeting with 5* hotel boutique person – up

Kept waiting for 30 mins by said boutique person who has scheduled 2 appointments at the same time and forgotten who I am – down

Finally setting up a Facebook page – up

Having no idea how to manage the Facebook page and feeling like an idiot – down

“Free for 3 months” studio space on Harrington Street not actually available – down

cowgirlblues not available for my etsy shop and I have to make do with cowgirrlblues … grrrrr – down

Encouragement from the fashion director at Elle magazine and getting a chance to show Jackie Burger some of my products – up

Saying f*** it about the free studio space and converting my spare bedroom into a bigger work space – up

Making a new friend and giving my first crafting lesson to 7-year old Noa and her sister India in my new work space – up

First spinning lesson for my new trainee Andiswa who loves it and goes home very excited with a spindle and a bag of wool to play with – up

I suspect this is going to continue, maybe it’s life, and I’m going to have to work harder at positive thinking and accepting the things I cannot change, having the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference, all the while having more fun!

That’s my first post … over and out!


About cowgirl

I'm Bridget Henderson, I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I'm a designer, crafter, knitter, crocheter, indie dyer and spinner. I work with top quality Merino wool and Mohair that is grown here in South Africa.