Blooming marvellous

I stopped in at the Grand Daddy hotel yesterday to peek at the Daddy Bloom entries and was particularly inspired by these two beauties. Jesse Breytenbach had a crochet flower collection on printed fabric.  Nuno’s felt creations were fantastic and they had a lovely little flower garden.  But Natalie Billings’ flower shower was my personal favourite […]

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Sewing school session 2

Noa and India came for their second “sewing” session on Friday.  It’s quite challenging planning a lesson when I can’t remember what I was capable at their ages, but thanks to the internet and one of my favourite websites it was easier than I thought. I’m sure Purl Soho would be my favourite shop if […]

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A helping hand

I’ve been struggling with a few design issues on my knitted lampshade, so one of my CCDI advisors suggested I call Heath Nash to ask for some help as he has designed a LOT of lampshades, and beautiful ones.  Visiting his workshop was inspiring and incredibly helpful and I left with some great ideas for […]

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Helen Pynor’s hair shirt

I was wandering around the internet the other day, as I try not to do too frequently because wonderful as it is I manage to lose vast amounts of time down all sorts of rabbit holes.  This was really worth it though and one of my finds was Helen Pynor.  She is an Australian artist […]

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Vintage patterns

I’ve started noticing knitwear so much more now that I’m sort of officially in the wool and knitwear business, and of course it’s often a topic of conversation.  So I was delighted when Toni brought some of her vintage shawls to show me the other day.  There seems to be a big revival of all […]

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Seen at the CCDI …

The first Wednesday of every month is the craft sector meeting  at CCDI (the Cape Craft and Design Institute) where crafters gather for a talk and networking session.  This month it was the Market Access team talking about the various forms of support CCDI offers crafters in getting their products in front of customers.  The […]

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My first dyeing experiment

I’ve just finished knitting up a sample swatch using the first of my wool dyeing experiments and I’m so excited by how the colours have turned out.  I dyed the roving (technical term for a big fat sausage thing of commercially washed and combed wool) then spun it up into a very soft single, and […]

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Making stuff on Monday

Monday wasn’t going so well, so to make it better I busied myself on a present for my dear schoolfriend Kate who lives in Denver, Colorado. Since it’s getting cold there now, unlike my neighbourhood, I am hoping she’ll be happy to find winter woollies in the care package that’s travelling over with her parents […]

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