In the genes?

I spent a bit of holiday time experimenting with some ideas that I’ve been mulling over for a while, but that needed a bit more of a relaxed environment to allow them to percolate.  They also needed a workshop and my dad has a great one.  Spending time in his space was nostalgic, reminding me […]

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Churchyard photo outing

I went on a photographic outing with a new friend in Knysna and we ended up at the Brenton churchyard on the edge of the Knysna lagoon.  I hadn’t visited it before, and it felt more like the kind of thing I’d do when travelling in far-off foreign places which was a great feeling to […]

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Playing with potplants

I’ve been doing a bit of holiday spinning and crocheting and made this potplant holder as my Secret Santa contribution for a Christmas Eve party … it’s kind of an interesting experiment and one I may have to explore a little further at some point.

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Spinning wheels?

Holidays are great for rest and relaxation and opening the mind to allow new creative thoughts in … like could this be the beginning of a new spinning wheel design?  I won’t know until I’ve found a willing engineer to play around a bit, but I’m hopeful!

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On the road

It’s holiday time and I decided to take the back route to Knysna to see some new scenery, slow down a little and try and avoid the holiday season traffic.  Driving up Route 62 was so much fun I’m not sure I’m going to take the mainstream N2 route ever again. I got to see […]

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Zinzi at the spinning wheel

Learning to spin

Zinzi had her second spinning lesson this week, and her first on the wheel.  It’s not the easiest thing to learn but she’s amazingly dedicated and enthusiastic and I’m very impressed with her results.  I don’t think I picked it up that quickly! It’s interesting learning a new skill as an adult if you’re conscious […]

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Hand knitted wool and mohair Valentina shrug

Valentina does Vogue

Vogue Knitting magazine has just run a Magic of Mohair competition and I’m excited to show off my design! I was all a little last minute – I heard about it last Thursday and closing date for entries was today.  And while it would be awesome to win a competition, it wasn’t my most motivating […]

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knitted bears

Sewing school session 3

Noa and India came over for another afternoon of crafty activities.  And they brought friends!  So our group doubled in size, and I had the joyful experience of entertaining (and being entertained by) FOUR little girls this time.  It seems knitting is really in as Noa decided it was time she learned also.  The “teddy […]

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