Merino wool hand dyed sideways knit shawl

Sideways Shawl

While visiting customers and yarn shows in Europe recently I took along my sideways shawl project to pass the time on trains, planes and in automobiles.  It certainly did the trick. Julia Moore created the original colour combinations and concept for us which she knitted in her Merino Sock version, but I wanted to work […]

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Stylish Stripes Beanie

I’ve been absent for a month or two, due to work and work-travel, but it doesn’t mean that all sorts of interesting things haven’t been happening in the background.  Over the next few days and weeks lots of them will be making their way to the blog, first of which is this gorgeous beanie in […]

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cowgirlblues sock wool cowl

Go granny, go!

My nearly-ninety-two-year-old granny is  still alive and well, so whenever I work with granny squares I think of her.  As a child I had a granny square crochet blanket that lived on my bed in winter.  My granny firmly denied having made it and said she couldn’t crochet.  So I didn’t learn until my mid-30s. […]

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Creative cushions

We are constantly thinking of ways to use up the leftover bits of yarn that lie around the studio.  I have an (almost) pathological inability to throw yarn away, even the tiny little scraps, and suffer from the firm conviction that they’ll come in handy one day.  I’m not sure that’s always true, but in […]

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Our first customer profile

How would I describe Tracy? In a word? Accomplished. Tracy is one of those amazing women who is always together – she is always well groomed, beautifully turned out, graceful and gracious. Everything she attempts in life is done well, including knitting. A long-time quilter and seamstress, she was only recently bitten by the knitting bug […]

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Hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up on the weekend we thought hearts and flowers and shades of pink and red were appropriate.  This little project is great for using up yarn leftovers and a lovely way to let someone know you are thinking of them more often than just one day a year. Materials: End of […]

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Brick Stitch Scarflet by cowgirlblues

Brick stitch Scarflet

Brick stitch is a beautiful introduction to slip stitch knitting and a lovely way to play with contrasting colours. Having seen a lot of slip stitch colour work around recently I decided to experiment with it myself. There are a lot of instruction options on the internet, but I decided Nadine Mcleod’s was the most […]

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Beautiful knitting pattern by Moorit

Big in Japan

I was 12 years old in 1984 when “Big in Japan” the debut single by German band Alphaville was released.  Their album Forever Young became deeply engrained in the fibres of my teenage being, and I can still remember the words to most of their songs to this day.  Travelling to Japan was somewhat of […]

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